Finally sleeping well

Healthy sleep is no coincidence

To start the day relaxed and full of energy does not only depend on the type of person, but is also a question of quality of sleep. By using the spinescanner® we guarantee to find the correct combination and setting of the sleeping system, so that you can sleep well and relaxed - night, by night, by night.

Trust comes from Understanding

When working with the spinescanner® the best is the traceability of the data measured . You must not trust in recommendations blindly, but can even see, understand and recognize which sleeping system is correct for you. According to the motto: trust is good, proof is better.

  • The consultation with the spinescanner® is not focused on products, but on the best solution for you.
  • It is not about expensive or cheap, it is about suitable or not suitable.
  • The visualization of the spinal column creates a basis which does not permit any misleading room for interpretation.
  • The scan works mechanically and is therefore radiation-free and completely free of pain.



Customers that have chosen a new bed with the help of the spinescanner® are satisfied and claim they sleep much better than before.



Customers regard the consultation with the spinescanner® as reliable, competent and comprehensible.



Customers say that the recommendation of enthusiastic friends and family members has drawn their attention to the spinescanner®.



We sleep approximately one third of our life. The correct body support is very important for our well-being.

Do not believe us, trust our customers opinion

„There are many so-called experts who attempt to sell you the perfect bed. As applicable to doctors as well, one receives 5 different diagnoses and recommendations from 5 retailers as to which mattress reportedly is the only correct one. But on the other hand the spinescanner® allows you to see and understand which bed really is the right one.“

- Marja M.

„Frankly speaking, I have to admit that I was very skeptical at the beginning. It came to my mind:  “Just a new trick to sell expensive beds to us customers.” However, I have changed my mind and I am glad that my wife could persuade me. Finally, I sleep good again and in the morning feel relaxed and more vital.“

- Achim F.

„For years I have tormented myself with hard mattresses because one said, they are the best  for the back and the health. However, my back pains became worse. Now with the help of the spinescanner® I have exchanged my mattress and sleep so relaxed as never before. I have no more pains and in the morning, finally, feel rested.“

- Jennifer R.